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Welcome to the first issue of The dashboard

Road hogs, we are as happy as you are to be finally bringing you news that focuses solely on the road traveller, on holiday-ing in Kenya and on the hectic nature of travelling by road, whether as a local or an international tourist. Every quarter, we will be working towards making your road travel experiences that much bearable and simpler, by sharing tips on car rental services, how to identify good rental companies - what to expect and what to avoid. Read More


At RFC, we believe in general satisfaction and value to our clients- whether renting a car for a day or 12 months. Towards this, we have launched a special rewards scheme. This newly introduced reward scheme will not only benefit our esteemed clients who have chosen our car rental services time and again, but also first timers who are looking for a reliable car rental service.Read More

An extra day on the road with your rental car of choice, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Yup it's true! RFC is offering you the opportunity to get an extra day with one of our rental cars, with no added cost to you for the service. Read More

Travelling by road? Here are 5 important car rental tips to keep in mind

Choosing a car rental service - especially for a non-regular- can be a nightmare, that is, if you have no idea what to look out for. Read More

Roadside humour!

Wild Road Trip Indeed by the Roadside Hog
It never occurred to me that travelling to Mombasa could mean going back in time. Let me explain. We were five young, excitable and delirious, free spirited friends, just graduated from campus; some of us jobless, all of us still without a care in the world.. Read More

Fancy an excursion to Naivasha?

A drive to Naivasha is only 1hr 30mins, whichever road you use; either through the Nakuru highway or through the old Maai Mahiu – Naivasha Road. The latter route is particularly interesting, as you get to meander gradually through the breathtaking and almost suicidal escapement road. Read More

Supporting Needy Children through Education Scholarships

We all know that education is a basic need the world over and for any country to develop; it needs a knowledgeable work-force.
RFC has for the last two years undertaken to heavily support the
education of the less fortunate in society, through the Baraka
Foundation. Read More


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